Studying English at ANU: Deadly Serious Fun

3 September
  • 9–9.20am
RSSS Auditiorium, Research School of Social Sciences, 146 Ellery Cres, Acton ACT 2601
Arts, Society & Culture
Dr Kate Flaherty

We live in an information-rich and hyper-connected age. Studying English at ANU will focus your attention on a diversity of print and audio-visual texts, deepening your understanding of literary history and transforming how you think about reading.

Join us on ANU Open Day to learn more about how studying literature and English at ANU can give you an edge as a thinker, speaker, and writer.

Students of English at ANU have the opportunity to work within a range of disciplines, including literary studies, film, drama and creative writing, so as to become more accomplished in critical reading, research and analysis and more effective in written and spoken communication.

Graduates have established careers in government research and policy, private enterprise, education, television and radio journalism and news broadcasting, creative arts, teaching, academia and publishing.

Numbers for this session are limited. Please register to secure your place.


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