Classics Museum Tour

3 September
  • 11–11.30am
  • 1–1.30pm
ANU Classics Museum, 14 Ellery Cres, Acton ACT 2602
Arts, Society & Culture
Caillan Davenport | Classics staff

The ANU Classics Museum, which boasts more than 600 objects from the Greek and Roman worlds, is central to the student learning experience in Classical Studies. Visitors to the Classics Museum gain a taste of everyday life in the ancient world. In this 30-minute tour, discover some of its fascinating objects and their stories, from cosmetic bowls and baby feeders to coins of Julius Caesar and Nero. The museum features examples of ancient art and objects of daily life from Greece and the Roman world, including Egypt and the Near East. Tours start at the Classics Museum at 11am and 1pm.

Maximum 20 participants per tour. Registration link TBC

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