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Archaeology at ANU

3 September
  • 11.30–11.50am
Lectorial Room 1, Research School of Social Sciences, 146 Ellery Cres, Acton ACT 2603
Arts, Society & Culture
Associate Professor Catherine Frieman

Archaeology is the study of past human activities emphasising interpretations of material evidence. By excavating the physical remains of people, the places they lived, and the objects they made and used, archaeologists gain knowledge of human history and prehistory.

The methods of archaeology may be applied to all periods of the human past, from the first evidence of tool-making hominids two and a half million years ago to the grand civilisations of the ancient world to the recent history of colonial Australia.

At ANU, Archaeology encompasses archaeological studies; archaeological science; and palaeoanthropology. Students may find themselves taking part in fieldwork excursions and laboratory analysis, to get to grips with the physical remnants of eras gone by.

Join us this Open Day to learn more about the various study options available in Archaeology at the ANU. Ranking #1 in Australia and #11 in the world for Archaeology*, there's simply no better place to be studying at.

*QS Subject Rankings 2022

Numbers for this session are limited. Please register to secure your place.


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