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School of Music, Rehearsal Room 2 (view in map)

Meet the presenters

Research Fellow at the 3A Institute

IoT turbo-charged by AI, advanced robotics, automated vehicles incorporating sensing data with other datasets, powerful big data analytics like machine learning driving automated decision-making.

However you choose to paint the picture, the collection of technologies we are currently calling artificial intelligence (AI) is heralding the next industrial revolution. Some of these tools are new, some have been refined over preceding decades. However we are now seeing their rapid convergence into systems – cyber-physical systems – that will have unprecedented impact on humanity through deep economic, social and cultural shifts.

To face challenges like these head on, the ANU strategic plan outlines the need for new education models and new pathways towards commercial and social applications for ANU research, via structures adjacent to established research and teaching programs. Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell was appointed the first of the new ANU Entrepreneurial Fellows and founded the Autonomy, Agency and Assurance (3A) Institute in September 2017 on these principles.

Hear about the research that has taken place over the past 12 months and how you can take part in our exciting pilot Master program in 2019 at ANU.  

Meet the presenters

Research Fellow at the 3A Institute

Meet the presenters

Research Fellow at the 3A Institute