Cybernetics Conversations

18 March
  • 10.45–11.10am
T2, Cultural Centre
Engineering & Computer Science
Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell

As the race to invent, commercialise and operationalise new technologies continues to grow apace, who designs these cyber-physical systems? How do we ensure developments are safe, sustainable and responsible? Who is shaping the future to reflect our humanity, our cultures and our cares?

This information session will introduce the ANU Master of Applied Cybernetics – the world’s first graduate program in cybernetics. In doing so, it explores how cybernetics is a tool for navigating major societal transformations through capability building, policy development and safe, sustainable and responsible approaches to new technological systems, like Artificial Intelligence and the metaverse. Our goal is to build a new generation of practitioners who will shape a future that we want through and with technology. The program offers a transformational education experience, drawing upon high-impact research, and creating meaningful engagements with industry and the broader community.

Join the conversation and help to transcend the boundaries between people, technology and the environment.

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