Bachelor of Asian Studies and Languages

18 March
  • 10.30–10.55am
Cinema, Cultural Centre
Security, Policy & Governance, Asia-Pacific
Dr Tom Cliff (Deputy Director, Education), Dr Shengyu Fan (Deputy Director, Languages) and Dr Mark Gibeau (Convenor Bachelor of Asian Studies)

Ready to explore the rich and diverse cultures of Asia and the Pacific region? Join the School of Culture, History & Language (CHL) at ANU Open Day and immerse yourself in the world of Asian Studies and Languages.

Hear from experts in the field, as they delve into the educational offerings at CHL and how you can pursue your studies in Asian Studies and choose from 16 different Asian and Pacific languages offered, while learning with and from a community of researchers, teachers, and peers dedicated to investigating about this fascinating region.

Why study Bachelor of Asian Studies and Languages at CHL?

As a student at CHL, you get access to opportunities like, the mobility offerings, including

  • the Year of Study in Asia program,
  • study abroad opportunities or in-country learning,
  • and field school experiences,

for a truly authentic experience in the country of your choice. CHL graduates have gone on to dynamic careers in diplomacy, journalism, international business, and more, and with the flexible double degree combinations, you have the power to create your own pathway and apply your knowledge and skills to any career you choose. Don't miss this exciting opportunity!

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